Digital Marketing Success Stories Part 1

Digital Marketing Success Stories Part 1

Digital marketing is an artistic and versatile industry. Through this, the business can gain global recognition. Also the business is established globally. Search Engine & Social Media are the important platforms that take your business to new heights. To grow and provide more and more products and services to the customers, online marketing is the best solution. By taking proper care, we can make use of the advantages of internet marketing. In this article we will be looking at some of the marketing success stories. How they made use of digital marketing platforms in their respective fields. The success they have achieved due to successful media campaigns.

10 Inspiring Social Media campaigns or Strategies used by top brands in 2020

1. Government of India – Ministry of Food Processing Industries

Ministry of Food Processing Industries GOI

In 2017, an experiment was conducted by the Ministry of Food Processing Industries, Government of India. The government has successfully adopted online platforms for food dissemination and awareness in India with the help of digital platforms.

India is the fastest growing economy in the food industry. But still, nearly, 40% of food is getting wasted every year. In order to avoid this wastage, the government launched a social media campaign on the occasion of World Food Day. They have made use of free social media platforms. Here, the target audience was “Youths”. From this campaign, it was appealed to the youth to come forward and take initiative in social drive.


  1. The campaign has created a huge impact, creating awareness among the youth, investors, and some organizations. The youth suggested measures to prevent wasted food.
  2. Help Reducing food wastage drastically.
  3. Twitter followers increased by 100 times through digital marketing.
  4. More than 3000 posts have been created on social media platforms.
  5. More than 100M people registered their opinion.

2. Make my trip

make my trip

Make my trip brilliantly utilize social media platforms for their marketing. Travelers are the target audience for Make my trip. They offer special discounts during the festive season to increase the number of tourists or for tourists to avail services. Make my trip took a program for the youth class. In it they offered a bounty plan. – “Readout blogs from website. Share inspiring stories of freedom fighters you love and win gift vouchers.

Due to such events Make My trip has got a huge response from youngsters that helped growing the tourists.

3. Tata Sky

tata sky

Whenever we hear the word Tata sky, we automatically recognize their tagline as “Isko laga dalaa to life zingalalaa”.

“Families” are the target audience for DTH service provider Tata Sky. They came up with an innovative idea and solution to address one of the difficulties that people were facing. They introduce their product “Tata sky plus transfer”. Using this technology we can take TV recorded content to mobiles or tablets. This innovation of DTH service provider company brings a lot of targeted audience to switch to Tata sky. Thus, their sales have grown dramatically, as they were using online media for their marketing.


1. For any business to achieve success, there are only two ways:

a. Innovation & b. Marketing

People always seek for something new. They feel bored of repetitive things / happenings in their life. So, they look for their difficulties to be addressed through innovative solutions.

  1. The businesses need to prepare strong plans and decide a strategy.
  2. Keenly Identify the issue, their audience & market and address the difficulty through technological solutions.
  3. What values ​​does your product or services give to people? Is it addressing any issue? How will this enhance one’s lifestyle? The answers to some of these questions need to be studied.

The success of digital marketer / brand / business depends on identifying right time, right place, right audience.

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