Digital Marketing Success Stories Part 2

Digital Marketing Success Stories Part 2

In the previous part of Digital Marketing Success Stories, we have looked at some of the organizations that successfully achieved their goals using digital marketing platforms.

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We will move ahead and get inspiration from some more such stories.

Make use of WhatsApp as a digital platform:

WhatsApp is an effective tool to deliver text, photos, videos directly to thousands of people in no time. The growing use of WhatsApp can benefit small to large businesses. Even self-help groups have WhatsApp groups. WhatsApp, a digital platform, has definitely helped small or medium-sized businesses to grow their businesses.

1. Siddhagiri Natural: Organic Vegetables from Kolhapur, Maharashtra

Due to the adverse effects of vegetables grown using chemical fertilizers, the demand for naturally grown fruits and vegetables is increasing today.  In response to this demand, Siddhagiri Natural of Kolhapur took the initiative to deliver organically grown vegetables at peoples’ doorsteps. Vegetables are grown naturally and organically at Siddhagiri Kaneri Math in Kolhapur. The vegetables are then delivered to households at reasonable prices. Siddhagiri Naturals took the help of the digital medium “WhatsApp” for this service. Siddhagiri Sanstha issues 1 WhatsApp number. People from the Kolhapur area send the goods and items they want to this number. Accordingly, Siddhagiri’s employees deliver these orders at home. This initiative saved people time to go to the market and also started getting nutritious vegetables at home for their health.

2. Contact directly with Maharashtra Police

Almost all the police stations in Maharashtra have released WhatsApp numbers for citizens to lodge their complaints and suggestions. This allows citizens to report incidents directly to the police, as well as report their complaints. It can also be used against fake news and rumor mongers. This initiative is getting good responses from all quarters. WhatsApp is being used by all the police stations in Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Aurangabad, Solapur, Satara, Dhule, Nandurbar.

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Make use of Facebook as a digital platform:

1. Vodafone SuperNet 4G

To dispatch SuperNet 4G, Vodafone ran a campaign on Facebook, TV, and different channels, and found, through a Millward Brown Cross Media study, that Facebook conveyed higher steady reach than TV. The telecom administrator needed to gauge the steady reach, cost-proficiency, and viability of Facebook contrasted with other media stations.

Vodafone worked with Maxus and the Facebook group on its SuperNet 4G cross-media crusade. The campaign included an Indian kid and the brand’s famous pug in a progression of short, idiosyncratic videos. To contact explicit crowds that TV couldn’t reach successfully, Vodafone utilized Lookalike Audiences to target individuals with a comparable profile to its present endorsers.

Src: SocialSamosa

2. KFC brand

KFC has created its own brand in the social media world. It has organized competitions like the KFC RK hunt, Designing your own bucket on the app to increase the sales of the product as well as to attract more and more youth. For this, they made effective use of the Facebook digital platform. KFC organized a competition called Caricature. It received a very good response from all over India. More than 17,000 caricatures were created by the youth in this competition.

The advantage was that,

  • KFC brand included in the top 5 of Indian Bakers.
  • Facebook page views increased by 93.8%.
  • Youth participation increased 3 times
  • It became the fastest-growing brand on social media.

3. Pepsico India

Pepsico India proved the highest media presence in the Cricket World Cup through Facebook marketing. It was the biggest sporting event in India. The Cricket World Cup Pepsico app was launched to reach more and more people through advertising to promote PepsiCo on a large scale. The company conducted 3 rounds of campaigning on Facebook.

  1. Premium Video Poll Ads
  2. Video Likes Ads
  3. Premium Ads

The advantage was that,

  • More than 22 million views
  •  More than 53,000 people participated in poll ads in 24 hours
  • 16,000 new members added to Pepsico India’s Facebook page.


WhatsApp is the best platform for small and medium-sized businesses to reach people directly and quickly. Using this platform, many businesses have achieved success at their respective levels. Therefore, this WhatsApp platform has gained unique general importance in digital marketing.

Most of the pages on Facebook belong to businesses, industries. With the help of Facebook marketing, it is possible to reach small businesses and businesses all over the world. Using it, we can reach a detailed, targeted, and right audience.

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