Free Ways To Promote Your Podcasts Online

Free Ways To Promote Your Podcasts Online

In today’s digital universe, podcasts are becoming more popular than ever.

From murder mystery podcasts to highly informative news or topical podcasts, it seems that there’s no niche or industry out there that’s not pumping out episode after episode of podcasts.

But if you’re reading this, you already know about podcasts, and you’ve likely started your own.

Now, you need to know how to promote your podcast and get it out into the world so that you can start building your audience and eventually monetize your episodes.

Below, we’ll go over a few simple methods of free podcast promotion without spending a single dime on PPC advertising or other paid promotions.


Create Content Regularly

So you’ve launched your podcast and have recorded a few episodes! That’s great!

But having only 2 or 3 podcasts isn’t going to get you very far, even if they genuinely are the most interesting, informative, and engaging podcast ever to have hit the scene.

Instead, it’s best to create a schedule and start regularly creating podcasts to eventually build an entire library of podcasts based on your chosen topics.

Not everybody is going to love the first few podcasts you create.

But when you have plenty of podcast content available, it gives people the ability to pick through and choose to listen to the episodes that they’re most interested in.

Let’s look at some free podcast promotion methods


Leverage Social Media

You can build a fancy website and run paid ads to promote your podcasts, or you can use social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more to promote your content without spending a single dollar on advertising.

With that in mind, every time you create a new episode, you should also be creating social content that links to it and posting it to the most relevant channels.

Remember that, depending on your podcast’s topic, you won’t necessarily need to post to every social channel available.

For instance, if you’re creating podcasts related to business or entrepreneurship, posting to LinkedIn is your best bet. Whereas, if you have more generalized, family-oriented content, Facebook will likely be your go-to platform.

Also, don’t forget to create a memorable logo for your podcast, which will help you stick in the minds of your social media followers and listeners. To get your brand vision going try a free tool like Logo Creator


Run Contests And Giveaways

Who doesn’t love getting free stuff?

Today, contests and giveaways are two of the best ways to get your podcast’s name out there and get people interested in your brand.

Although not everyone that signs up for your contest will necessarily be interested in your podcast content, running games is a great way to spread the word and generate hype about your brand.

Plus, if you promote your contest on social media, it will also increase the likelihood that people will share your content.

And, with any luck, your contest posts might even go viral!


Build An Email List

As you promote your podcast and gradually gain more traction, you’ll want to start asking your audience for their email addresses and build up your email list.

Listeners who opt to give you their emails will be the people who are most likely to listen regularly and share your content with their friends and family.

So every time you create a new episode, you’ll want to send out an email informing these people about the episode.


Promoting Your Podcast For Free 

Launching a new podcast is excellent!

But it’s going to take hard work, dedication, and time before you can reap the rewards of your content.

That said, by regularly creating content, leveraging social media, and building an email list, in no time, you’ll have your biggest fans promoting your content for you, once again, without spending a dime on advertising.


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