Google My Business for small or medium-size business

Google My Business for small or medium-size business

Google My Business for business is the Google’s program to make available a platform for small businesses to scale up online.

Google has given an opportunity for businesses to start managing their business Profile with its “Google My Business” platform. The program was launched by Google in 2011, aiming at growing internet presence for small businesses. It turned out across the US in 2012. It is still assisting business owners to update their information on Google for free. The later activity of the program, named “Let’s Put Our Cities on the Map” was initiated in March 2015, To get cities on google map.

Get your business online with Google.

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All types of small and medium businesses are being linked to digital or online businesses by opening websites, apps as well as social media accounts and pages. Google has opened the door to reach all businesses worldwide. Users around the world reach business by simply searching for a name, product or service.

Getting a business listed on Google is easy. Unless the business name appears on Google’s list, its popularity and credibility will not be noticed. This is important in the online promotion of any business. The customer can get the business name, location, address, and contact number, and based on that they reach your business. Websites can also be added to this list. In addition, business-related information, products, services, photos, videos can be uploaded.

According to the survey three out of four people look after the business and seven among ten buys based on information found on Google search.

How to get your business listed on Google Search and Maps?

After successfully setting up and listing a business to Google, You have to verify it accordingly. 

Verification allows you to edit the information you provide from time to time. In short, verification creates business credit.

The most important thing in Google listings is “Review”. According to Google’s research, 90% of shoppers believe that they make a purchase based on a positive review. Therefore, customers should be appealed for a review. You must also make sure of the quality of your products and services. Another thing you should take care of is that your profile name should be your business name.

How to expand the business?



Google My Business is a free tool that allows businesses to be added to Google’s list. This allows customers to attract and easily reach your business. Small businesses, in particular, can benefit from this.

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