Importance of H1 tag in SEO

Importance of H1 tag in SEO

H1 tags play a very important role in SEO. Let’s look at the significance of the H1 tag in SEO.

What is an H1 tag?

The H1 tag is an HTML tag that indicates a heading and formatted as the main title of the webpage. HTML has six different tags viz H1, H2,…, H6. H2 to H6 are called subheadings or subtitles. But the H1 tag is considered the most important tag. And in the list, the H6 tag is considered to be the least important.

significance of H1 tags

They are the header tags that are significant in SEO campaigns. The tags provide the structure and context of your article. Particularly the H1 tag. A well-composed H1 tag helps Google match your content with relevant searches. As a good practice for SEO, we should use one H1 tag per page. Thus, lifting it in an organic search. We can have multiple numbers of H2 to H6 tags.

H1 tags have very important for SEO. Because they tell both search engines and users What the content of the pages will be about? It is essentially a short headline to describe the subject of the page. It should be written for the benefit of both search engines and users.

But here is what Google’s John Muller said in late 2019.

“Your site is going to rank perfectly with no H1 tags or with using multiple H1 tags. We should always favor the user experience over keyword density or even the hierarchy of the headers. And since having multiple H1 tags doesn’t negatively affect a page’s organic visibility.”

Google has made it clear that these are no longer rules. Websites have evolved as the way they have presented, the way they are crawled by search engines, and the way they are consumed.

These aren’t Rules but the Recommendations and considerations for H1 tags:

  • All pages should have unique, primary H1 tags.
  • The tag should be the main descriptor of the content of the page.
  • H1 tags are considered an important on-page ranking factor. Just by having an H1 tag on your page, you are helping your website rank well.
  • If you miss an H1 tag, it will negatively impact the page’s search presence.

The best practice of using H1 tags:

  • Crawlers when visiting your website, it looks for what is there in the H1 tag. So, It is beneficial to include the main keyword for the page within primary H1 tags.
  • Don’t use more than one H1 tag per page.
  • Ideally, the primary H1 heading should be the first and largest text on a page.
  • H1 tags should match user intent.
  • Make sure that your H1 tag is visible to users.
  • Use heading tags in a hierarchical manner.
  • Avoid very long headings.
  • Avoid keyword stuffing.

Why is the importance of the H1 tag in SEO?

One of the significant tasks for a search engine is to understand the meaning of the page. So, in order to achieve this in an efficient and fastest way, they use data from different signals such as H1 tags and page titles.

When crawlers visit your website, The bots read HTML code. They try to understand what content is enclosed in heading tags that are H1, H2,…and so on.

So, by using keywords in your H1 tag search engine, understand what your page is all about.

The other reason why headings are important for SEO is that they make it easier for users to easily navigate through your page.


So as a conclusive part, We must take the recommendations and considerations sincerely to achieve organic growth. We should consider our website for a better user experience and not just to impress search engines. For the website to rank well in SEO, consider the best practice using H1 tags.

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