Importance of Keywords in Digital Marketing

Importance of Keywords in Digital Marketing

What is a Keyword?

Keywords are the “Key” words in Digital Marketing. They are the special kinds of words and also referred to as key phrases or search terms. It is used by users on the internet to search for something they are looking for. Keywords are what people type in search engines. It can either be a product or services or anything they valued for themselves. 

For example, If your are looking for digital marketing agency, you might type:

  1. Digital marketing agency near me.
  2. Best online marketing agency in Pune.
  3. Top digital marketing services, etc.

In order to get your result on the top of SERP, the key phrase is used in the title, H1 tag, in the slug and in your meta description.

Why are keywords important?

Because, If you don’t use the right key phrase in your website, people will not find you on the web. They help website owners, provide meaning to their website. It creates useful content for the target audience. Because of key phrases you can communicate with google and look for a webpage to match with your key phrase. With key phrases you can get in front of the right people at the right time. 


  1. Recognize and communicate in the language of the objective market. 
  2. Make helpful content for the intended interest group. 
  3. Get content before the right people at the perfect time. 
  4. Convey to Google that a website page is a counterpart for a search term.. 
  5. Improve web crawler rankings by assisting Google with understanding the page content. 
  6. Drive more quality and quantity of traffic.

Types of keywords:

  1. Short-tail – (1-2 words length)
  2. Mid-tail – (3-4 words length)
  3. Long-tail – (more than 4 words in length)

keywords search

How to choose the right keywords?

  1. Adopt the thought process of a client.
  2. Distinguish your targeted interest group and put yourself into the shoes of a customer when you create your initial list of search terms.
  3. Study the competitors. 
  4. Comprehend the long tail key phrases.
  5. Use keyword research tools, Such as – Google Keywords Planner, Ubersuggest, Soolve, Moz
  6. Analyze the outcomes using matrices, such as – Search volume, Search difficulty, cpc, value of a key phrase

Keywords match types:

We divide the match types based on the control which trigger results of the SERP. According to keyword match type the result will appear.

  1. Broad Match – Broad Match Modifier (+key phrase) 

Broad match lets a keyword trigger your output to show whenever someone searches for that phrase, similar phrases, close variations of the key terms, related searches, and other relevant variations. 

Eg: Digital Marketing Services

Search Queries: Online Digital Marketing Services, Digital Services Online

  • Online Marketing Services in Pune


  1. Can reach a wider audience.
  2. They are generally default or generic key phrases or regular search terms.
  3. Takes very less time to build.
  4. Can get more impression but we may interpret with less QS.
  1. Broad Match Modifier:

Search terms that include all words preceded by ‘+’ or close variation. The idea is to give importance to a particular keyword. It may be possible to show results for irrelevant search terms.

-eg +Cake delivery

Search query: Flower Cake Delivery, Cake Delivery online, Cake delivery in 24 hours.

  1. Phrase Match (Mid to high control) – Operator: ”search term”

Results may appear on searches that are phrases and a close variation of a phrase. In this the results will be triggered in a more controlled way than a broad match.

-eg “Digital Marketing Services

If another word comes in between the search term, the result will not appear. Phrase is essential to trigger the result.

Search Queries: Best Digital Marketing Services, Digital Marketing Services in Pune

It takes time to build a phrase match. In phrase matches, CTR rate will be higher and will have low impressions.

  1. Exact Match (High control) – Operator: [search term]

We can have a high level of control in exact matches. In this a close variation is only allowed. The result will appear on searching for exact keywords. It is a time consuming process, having Low impressions but very High CTR.

-eg [Digital Marketing Services]

Search Queries: – Digital Marketing Services

According to google update, Very close or relevant options will be shown.

  1. Negative Match: “-”

Eg: -free, -cheap

Matches to “Free digital marketing classes”, So result will not be shown for the negative word “free”.

keywords search

Keyword strategy:

The work is not done, just by using the right keyword, but you need a strategy too. That is –

  1. Keyword research using proper tools.
  2. Finding search volume, search difficulty and value of a search term, 
  3. Choosing key phrase suitable for your business
  4. Determining the one you will rank for
  5. avoiding keyword’s stuffing
  6. Do keyword SEO. 


The center thought of Digital Marketing is to target the crowd through explicit keywords and search terms. They are like connectors that connect them to the audience. Keywords assist you with recognizing important words or phrases. They provide meaning to your website. Using the right key phrase will help you target the right audience at perfect times. So, In the digital marketing world, keywords play a very significant role.

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