10 Inspiring Social Media campaigns or Strategies used by top brands in 2020

10 Inspiring Social Media campaigns or Strategies used by top brands in 2020

In this article, We will be looking at successful inspiring social media campaigns by top brands in 2020. It may help you generating innovative ideas. The beauty of Digital Marketing is that, In the Digital Marketing world, You are always new to the Ideas.

The year 2020 has seen many uncertain things.  Due to situations of COVID-19 pandemic, there was a lot of uncertainty observed this year and a lockdown that no one could have imagined. Many businesses were shut. Startups, many small to medium sized businesses literally collapsed. Many people lost their jobs. Only those businesses that were in good financial condition or who faced this situation with proper planning, survived. However, some businesses have survived by Pandemic.

Digital Marketing is one of such fields that has not much affected during a pandemic situation. It has assisted some of the other businesses to survive or even grow with inspiring social media campaigns. With successful social media campaigns, the businesses have grown substantially. Some businesses used a strategy, “If the time comes when you become short of ideas, you don’t need to invent but to start from the scratch once again”.

Let’s get inspired from inspiring social media campaigns 2020.

1. Gillette: #thebestamancanbe campaign

gillette ad

It was a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) campaign from the personal care brand Gillette. The campaign has launched to address the negative behavior among men such as sextual misconduct, Bullying, Toxic masculinity. 
The accomplishment of this campaign moved toward an intense social issue and featured the brand values of Gillette. 

Watch here:


2. Dove & Getty Images: #ShowUs


Long-running social advocates, Dove, partnered with Getty images to  bring this powerful campaign to life.
The campaign #ShowUs is a living case study for what happens when a brand manufactures alliances to create foundational change. It handles the issue of female representation in media & publicizing by inviting women close by industry change-makers, to join forces to change how the world sees women.
The #ShowUs campaign was launched as a call to arms to talk about body positivity and acceptance. #ShowUs features a library of 5,000 photographs of women from 39 nations around the globe. 

3. Airbnb

airbnb ad

It is one of the businesses most affected by the coronavirus pandemic and yet gaining ground via online media. It has supported a cause to win consumer trust and lift up their brand picture.
When most nations have halted travel and transportation, the hotels and hospitality industry has borne the brunt. Nobody was making any new booking and hotels were as abandoned as the roads of affected nations. 
But then, Airbnb figured out how to remain active via social media but actually help with the current circumstances. By offering free or sponsored housing to COVID19 responders it figured out how to keep its business running, while also improving its brand image. 
The lesson here is to remain active via social media and discover ways to remain relevant, regardless of whether your business activities have ended.

4. Amazon


Responded to their customers’ posts about their brand in a funny and witty manner.
This is a great example of a brand utilizing client produced content (UGC) in an innovative way. What Amazon did was essentially to react to users’ posts or tweets about their brand and share it on various social media platforms.
This combines two online media showcasing strategies
  1. Utilization of humor and
  2. cross-channel advancement.
This will profit you severely. 
First you don’t have to make web-based media content from scratch, as you can use UGC. 
Second, it encourages more customers to present your brand to get an opportunity to be highlighted on your page. 
Third, it keeps your crowd engaged and associated with your brand.

5. Netflix

netflix ad

In a tough situation like covid pandemic, Netflix used social media to help people and connect with their audience in a more meaningful way.
They have discovered another approach to connect with their audience and help out during a worldwide pandemic.
They launched an Instagram Live series where individuals can associate emotionally and share their issues. Connecting with people in such a personal way is good for any brand in the long haul, as they will be loyal customers long after the situation has passed.
This is a splendid strategy for forecasting customers’ faithfulness and improving brand image, while really being helpful. The key is to connect with your audience and have two-way conversations.

6. Starbucks #ExtraShotOfPride Campaign

Starbucks campaign

Starbucks is known for its engaging and out-of-the-crate social media campaigns that grab attention. In June 2019, they’ve been running a campaign to celebrate pride month and backing the LGBTQ people group. 
As a component of their campaign, they post beautiful pictures of individuals from the community and introduce us with them. Then, they ask people to check out their Stories/Highlights to learn these people’s stories. 
The best part about this campaign was that it took advantage of the current social sentiments of peoples celebrating Pride month. People are now discussing this and posting related content, so this effectively connects with the audience.

7. Moonpie and Greggs

moonpie campaign

Moonpie is a cookie brand that uses humor to get engagement with their customers. 
It is a classic product that everyone knows about and the key marketing goal for the brand is to keep their audience engaged. So, the brand found another way to stay active on social media and keep in touch with their audience—humor.

8. British Army’s #YourArmyNeedsYou Recruitment Campaign

YourArmyNeedsYou campaign

The example of Specific Audience Targeting with Emotional Messaging,
British Army’s 2019 recruitment campaign is a brilliant example of targeting the right audience with the right messaging. They wanted to target millennials via their Twitter campaign and encourage them to enroll in the army. 

9. Houseparty – Fortnite Trivia Challenge

Houseparty campaign

Worked together with another brand to run a commonly advantageous challenge. It’s a win-win situation for everyone!
Houseparty is one of the many platforms that have gained popularity during the coronavirus crisis as people are searching for ways to spend time and connect with others. 
It is a platform where people can play games and connect with their friends over a video call. 
Recently, they launched a Fortnite trivia contest (in a joint effort with Fortnite) for their users. They used social media to post a challenge wherein Houseparty users need to get 20 million right answers in the trivia to unlock a reward on Fortnite.

10. HBO

hbo campaign 

Turned an awful situation around by creating an offer that helps people and wins them new customers simultaneously.
This is one more illustration of how companies are managing the emergency and utilizing social media promoting strategies for their potential benefit.

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