What is Viral Marketing?

What is Viral Marketing?

Viral Marketing

There will be many of you for whom the word Viral Marketing is not new. The word is constantly heard. Generally, we can hear that ‘A post is viral from a mobile phone’. In the technology world the word is used in the sense of spreading something in a quick manner.

viral marketing

What is viral marketing?

In the era of smartphone, internet, and social world’s, Viral Marketing is the fastest way to get a post, image & video on social media. These techniques are used effectively to deliver goods or services to the people faster. The message is shared back and forth by the users. When a post goes viral, it is shared from one person to another and from them to other people in a chain manner.

Social media is a powerful medium used in viral marketing. Given posts are rapidly being shared by thousands of people through social media. Design and creativity has a lot of importance in this.

What makes things go viral?

There are six main factors that drive virality:

  1. Social Currency – The better something makes people look, the more likely they will be to share it.
  2. Triggers: Things that are top of the mind are more likely to be tip of the tongues.
  3. Emotion – When we care, We share.
  4. Public – The easier something is to see, the more likely people are to imitate it.
  5. Practical value – People share useful information to help others.
  6. Stories – Stories that carry messages and ideas along for the ride

Viral Marketing is a simple and easy form of marketing. This includes efforts on design and attractive content. When people engage in posts, they like the post, then it is shared. Most of the time the post goes viral automatically. And so the message goes viral, just as popular. 

viral marketing

It is more effective for a short period of time


Viral Marketing techniques is a way to advertise at the lowest cost. There is no need to spend separately on social media or other marketing platforms. 

As videos or posts go viral from users, it is possible to reach people not only locally but also around the world in a short period of time. In Viral Marketing, decisions, participation and sharing are all from the users and thus help in building the company brand.

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